“ Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

Winston Churchill

House of Commons, 20 August 1940. 

Major Theyer US ARMY with family.
”Backbone, I’m not even sure where to begin”


Backbone provides the most advanced brain, spine surgical choices & options for active duty soldiers & veterans around the world,

but actually…

“I actually created Backbone for wives & spouses of wounded veterans active duty soldiers & their families. I became very upset thinking about how I would feel if my wife would have to hold up all that weight on her own—the burden of the family, bills, kids, school, plus the weight & frustration of a wounded husband! All that while trying to maintain as normal a life for our children.

Many wives & spouses of wounded veterans & active duty soldiers do this with little or no help from their families because many live far away due to the orders, bases, & locations of the military. So I created Backbone for the spouses to have a simple & direct route for those who have suffered the most severe wounds on and off battle while protecting our great nation. TO GIVE THEM A REAL CHOICE.

What’s interesting is that, while Backbone was created to provide the most advanced brain and spine surgical choices & options in the world for our soldiers, the heart and soul of Backbone is for the spouses and children who work nonstop in silence everyday.

That’s why Operation Backbone was created, that’s what we do”



Special Forces soldier, talks the harsh truth with his wife.


  • Candid conversation with soldier and his wife.. he’s been beaten, kicked, stabbed, rolled down a hill, torn muscles, ligaments & ate opiates non stop like candy…

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Operation Backbone provides a significant, and in some cases a lifesaving capability for both veterans and active-duty military to receive the highest quality medical care for serious injuries incurred in service to our nation.. Read More…