• We do not cover any travel and or lodging expanses.  A list of links that do help with those accommodations are here to review. 





  • You are responsible for getting to & from your medical appointments on time and when asked to be at a location(s).  *We do not provide wake up calls & or rides to and from.


  • We do not cover hospital co pays and or other bills (without) prior approved referrals & or written permission for specific expenses in advance. 


  • We do not provide long term care (follow up rehab) care or in or out services for physical thereby.


  • We do not provide any medical advice, all medical information must be obtained in written form form the attending physicians.


  • All persons asking for medical attention must sign the agreement before any process can and will begin.


  • You are responsible for all your medications being up to date & filled.  Do not chance, not having it filled before you leave.   *State to State differ in costs & refills.

**You are responsible (TO NOTIFY IMMEDIATELY) any medical and or travel changes.