Top of the spear Quotes

“You can’t just see a surgeon in the VA, you have to work through the system. I was addicted to prescription pain-killers. Gaps in refills were like detox. Operation Backbone was a Godsend. I learned more from Sformo – Operation Backbone - them in a day than in 15 years fighting to get care. Mike said, kill yourself on your own time, now you’re on my time now. Screw the VA!!”
- Kurt, Special Ops Soldier, Operation Backbone
Norfolk, VA, Parachute did not open – smashed in to the tress then the ground

Mike Told me, “Before you blow your head off, let me take a look. Now I am still in the ARMY, & received a new cutting edge spine stem that has brought me form deaths door, to finishing out my ARMY career.”
N. S. Operation Backbone - US ARMY. Ft Bragg, Broken Back, upper neck

Opioids after opioids after opioids years and years of pain, drugs, misery frustration with my wife and family! My wife got a hold of Mike, tests & tests & tests, location to location let to a 12-hour surgical spine replacement of hardware. Rehab (pre surgical) with the NHL Dallas Stars, gifted me the ability to spent my first Christmas – in years & years to actually be with my family down stairs and not F-ed up in pain in bed with nothing bud bad thoughts.
Nate, US ARMY, Shot in the face broken back

“If not for Operation Backbone, I’d be dead. I was addicted to prescription narcotics and tired of being a burden to my family. Backbone saved my life.”
Thanks Mike! Hugh, Special Ops Soldier, Operation Backbone, Fr Bragg, Back, neck destroyed from years of serving US