Shot in the Face and Broken Back

"Opioids after Opioids after opioids years and years of pain, drugs, misery frustration with my wife and family! My wife got a hold of Mike, tests & tests & tests, location to location let to a 12-hour surgical spine replacement of hardware. Re-hab (pre surgical) with the NHL Dallas Stars, gifted me the ability to spent my first Christmas – in years & years to actually be with my family down stairs and not wasted in pain in bed with nothing bud bad thoughts.

Nate, US ARMY, Shot in the face broken back. Backbone Patient

Parachute Malfunction

“You can’t just see a surgeon in the VA, you have to work through the system. I was addicted to prescription pain-killers. Gaps in refills were like detox. Operation Backbone was a Godsend. I learned more from Sformo – Operation Backbone - them in a day than in 15 years fighting to get care.” Mike said, kill yourself on your own time, now you’re on my time now. Screw the VA!!

- Kurt, Special Ops Soldier, Operation Backbone Patient, Norfolk, VA, Parachute malfunction – crashed into the tress & ground

Keep Fighting That Fight for the Voiceless.

Et Al, 

I want to prequil this letter with the fact that it is LONG overdue, long overdue. I was recently interviewed by a gentleman in the Public Affairs arena as I was Operation Backbones Pilot Program and asked “Who is Mike Sformo?” 

I owe that question a good answer and although this is a unique question, and the short answer is “He has been my family’s Guardian Angel “, But, there is more to this answer than that...