Col Doman US MARINES (Ret) Disabled Veteran

Director of major gifts & donors relations.



Colonel Thomas Doman USMCR (retired 29 years)

Col Doman was responsible for and led over2,500 men and womenduringcombat operations in Iraq.  During that time, Colonel Doman was stationed at Al Asad Air Base which was bombed 14 times and survived a (VBIED) vehicle-borne improvised explosive device - attack at Gate 2 of the base. Colonel Doman was sent to Kuwait for a knee operation to repair injuries sustained @ Al Asad.

“Don’t know even know where or how to begin – Mikes got my back. He come into my bedroom, with a NHL executive, and a actual brain and spine surgeon and dragged me out of my bedroom, in front of my family, hooked on opiates and in so much pain, and threw me on a NHL owners private jet””

Larry. S, NAVY SEAL TEAM 3, Tampa Fl.


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“He just comes into your life, sits you down, tells you the candid truth, and gets to work. If not for Mike, Backbone, I’d still be in a deep dark place, & I knew I wasn’t coming out alive. The surgical procedure, the tests, the follow up the help with all paper work issues… what he did for me and my family was nonstop effort over and over. He took a NAM Vet and put him back together. The F-- VA just stood in my way! God Bless Mike and his family”.

Charles S. Viet Nam, Buffalo NY

“Mike gave me my husband, Father and family back. That’s what he did. The VA just said to “ Go get some horse tranquilizers from veterinarian & give them to your husband, that all we can do. I speak for a lot of wife’s that Mike has saved.”

US ARMY WIFE, Pittsburgh PA

Amanda/ Nate