Please meet the Backbone team.

Colonel Thomas Doman USMCR

(retired 29 years)

Col Doman was responsible for and led over 2,500 men and women during combat operations in Iraq.  During that time, Colonel Doman was stationed at Al Asad Air Base which was bombed 14 times and survived a (VBIED) vehicle-borne improvised explosive device - attack at Gate 2 of the base. Colonel Doman was sent to Kuwait for a knee operation to repair injuries sustained @ Al Asad.


Nate Paterson

Fire team leader in 1st Ranger Battalion. Was sent on 5 deployments with the unit. Conducted hundreds of night time combat missions. Sustained multiple back injuries & a (GSW) Gun Shot Wound to the face. Medically released do to complications of back surgery.


Spc. Kurt Santini II

Saw gunner in 1st ranger battalion. conducted hundreds of live fire, air, sea, and land training missions. Sustained severe injury to knees, back, and neck during a night time training mission where his parachute collapsed and reserve did not deploy, causing him to free fall approximately 100 feet.

He has battled through 18 years of chronic pain and constant missed opportunities with his family, hoping that some day the VA would be able to help him find a solution for a better quality of life.    

Kurt had dreams of becoming a career military service member, but training injuries are highly common in special operations training, from which he and many other veterans have suffered.