"Being part of Operation Backbone now provides me the chance to give back and the serve our men and women who have stood fast year after year to protect this great nation."
- Pat Lafontaine, NHL Hall of Fame, NY Rangers



  • 5 Ton truck rolled on me over cliff
  • Surface to missille
  • Helicopter crash
  • Close combat
  • Medication - Hole in the heart
  • IEDs
  • Hummer flipped over
  • Plane Crash
  • Breaching gone wrong
  • Stabbed in the neck
  • AVT crash under fire
  • Fracture(s) skull
  • Tore out ligamnets
  • Snipers shot in back
  • Stuck in mud broken back
  • Crushed head by 5 ton plat
  • Fell out of helicopter
  • Torn muscles form dragging shipmate
  • Fell down mountain 
  • Fast rebel fell into trees
  • Parachute crash
  • Spinal Cord compression IED
  • Parachute failure
  • Parachute crash into trees
  • Shot of of helicopter

Late night pre-op, getting ready for 5 am surgical procedure. Boston , MA

“AFTER 7 ,,,,,,, THAT’S CORECT 7 BOTHCED F-ing surgeries, years and years of denials form the VA and nowhere to go. I finally get ahold of Sformo and after 13 hours of surgical procedures, 1 year & 1/2 of nonstop work back and forth with Mike I had the rods replaced, the broken screws replaced, the cages replace on and on... he saved my life!! The VA did nothing.
Stu, Tampa FL, US ARMY, Shot of the sky – surface to air missile


A Few medical cases.

Cervical  Grade 1 anterolisthesis of C3 on C4, C4 on C5, and C5 on C6

Herniated disks with compression.

Bilat Pes Plantus

Patellar Femoral Syndrome(PFPS)R

Compressed vertebra in neck and lower back

Impingement sx R/O

Slap tear, 10/3/99 A/C Arthrosis.

HNP neck C-5,C-6

Neck Tenderness and evidence of ROM limitations -Traumatic Cervical


Brian tumors

Nerve blocks

Trigger pount injections

Lumbosacral strain/Lumbago - Back spasm and pain

Intervertebral disc syndrome

Broken screws

Failed fusions

Chronic Pain Syndrome

Sciatica-  as shooting pains down the posterior

Functional Scoliosis

Neurogenic Bladder from lower back problems

Ureterolithiasis periodically incapacitating


 Mass cell - auto immune disease



Intervertebral Disc Displacement Lumbar wo Myelopathy.



Spinal fusion (L4/ L5)

Bulges at S1 herniation L4,L5 

Artificial disc at the L5 level never fused

PARS fracture at the L4.

Remove some more bone at C2, C3 and make the implant

Disc displacement of my L4 and L5

Degenerative disc that developed arthritis

Neck, fused from C3-5

Testicles get numb and sharp pain making it difficult to walk or stand

Epidural steroid injections in my back

Lower spine is degenerated 

Nerve damage

Discectomy/laminectomy on L4-L5-S1

Hashimoto's (Thyroid) disease

L5-S1 disc herniation

Spinal cord stimulator implant

Degenerative Disc

Chronic Headaches 

L5-S1 disc herniation

Chronic Headaches 

L5-S1 disc herniation

Neck fused C3-5

Discectomy/laminectomy on L4-L5-S1

Disc displacement of my L4 and L5