About Operation Backbone

What is Operation Backbone?

Operation Backbone provides crucial brain & spine surgical treatments for the most [severely wounded] active duty & veterans who need an accelerated substitute to their current care options.  Post strength mental & physical training provided by (NHL) Buffalo Sabres.

Why was Operation Backbone created?

Operation Backbone was created to provide the most advanced brain and spine surgical treatments in the world for our soldiers, but the heart and soul of Backbone is for the spouses and families who work nonstop in silence everyday protecting, healing, and managing as best as they can a healthy and balanced life for their wounded spouse and their entire family.

What does the (NHL) Buffalo Sabres provide?

The Buffalo Sabres (NHL) play a key role in Operation Backbone’s post brain, spine, and strength rehabilitation. The Buffalo Sabres offer strength and nutritional training at their state-of-the-art training facility at First Niagara Center. The process will help to set a new mission and agenda for the soldiers and their spouses for re-integration into the military or civilian life.

Mike Sformo

Mike Sformo

CEO & Founder of Backbone

Buffalo Sabres (NHL) locker room
Photo Credit – Doug levere

Future Vision of Backbone


  • to take the top five percent of the most severely wounded US soldiers from around the world and merge them into the Backbone pipeline for brain and spine surgical treatments 24/7
  • to align top medical personnel from around the world to treat these wounded soldiers
  • to mend not only the physical injury but also to heal the mental wounds sustained by soldiers and their family
  • to provide strength training to soldiers one on one with the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres at the world class Harbor Center and to enroll other professional athletic teams and their facilities in providing training